• For whom is Liberty Global DDoS Protection for IP Transit?
  • DDoS Protection for IP Transit is an optional feature for Liberty Global IP transit customers. The feature helps to keep your network accessible.
  • What is Liberty Global DDoS Protection for IP Transit?
  • DDoS protection for IP Transit is a network capability that helps to protect your network against volumetric DDoS attacks. It monitors 24/7 for DDOS attacks and automatically mitigates them, preventing that your network or hosts become unreachable by being flooded.
  • How does DDoS Protection mitigate attacks?
  • In the event a DDoS attack is suspected against a host within your IP range, our network will try to mitigate the attack by using a mixture of flowspec filtering and scrubbing. If scrubbing is used, your inbound traffic is rerouted via our scrubbing centres where it is cleaned.
  • Which IP versions does Liberty Global protect?
  • Liberty Global protects both public IPv4 and IPv6 ranges.
  • Is DDoS protection the same as a firewall?
  • DDoS protection and firewalls are both important cybersecurity measures. They are complimentary to one another. DDoS protection prevents networks or hosts (including their firewalls) from being overloaded, typically at the IP layer. Firewalls are better positioned to protect against application layer attacks. We strongly recommend that any host connected to your network uses a modern firewall.
  • Does Liberty Global DDoS Protection need higher bandwidth for my IP transit connection?
  • No. We use our own network to detect and clean inbound traffic so your business can continue to operate without additional bandwidth requirements.

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